About Me

I’m a versatile digital designer with comprehensive agency experience

What I do

I solve UX challenges and deliver results by balancing user goals and business objectives.

My Skillset is ‘UI design’ in its largest sense, which in my view includes..

  • UI and interaction design
  • UX, research, mapping and flows
  • Sketching, wireframing and prototyping
  • Content planning
  • Strategic design direction and consultation
  • Identity design and digital branding

I’m happy to either lead or work with existing methodology and processes, from strict agile through to the more traditional and everything in between.

Process buzzwords aside, I aim to be efficient, easy to work with and as human as possible.

What I’ve done

I started out as a designer, worked in digital agencies up to Creative Director level and now choose to work freelance for clients that care.

As Creative Director of Rippleffect, I established and led a large multidisciplinary front-end design team, implementing best practice, studio management and workflow processes. I had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients, from English Premiership football clubs and e-commerce retailers, through to financial software and startups.

This experience gave me the insight needed to run lean and efficient design projects, applying process-driven design to produce creative and appropriate solutions to UX challenges. It also allowed me to develop a fully rounded set of design, marketing and business skills.

Agency life has given me a thorough grounding in the design process and UX, but it also highlighted what I missed, why I started out as a designer, what I thrive on and what I like to avoid.

I have spent the last 8 years working freelance, where I plan to stay. I like to create great products with the best possible user experience for clients that are motivated.

Who I work with

I work with clients around the globe across a wide range of industry sectors.

I like to take on a range of projects, from marketing sites to application design, with the occasional digital branding project thrown in to keep it fresh.

About me

I am passionate about digital design and enjoy my work, but on the side I have many other interests including forests, bikes, vans and being outdoors.