Propensity Modeling

Web-based machine learning marketing product.

Propensity Modeling delivers actionable insight to help sales and marketing teams identify the right customers and appropriate sales approach.

My initial involvement was to help create an early MVP prototype of the Propensity Modelling application. I have continued to work closely with the team to refine and iterate the UX and UI of the rapidly evolving product.

In essence, the application is the human interface to an exceedingly complex and intricate AI system. Differing depths of access and interaction are required to suit both technical and non-technical users.

The project follows an iterative agile process, allowing fast development and evolution of the UI, as the product direction solidifies based on customer insight and user feedback. This approach has led to the development of a flexible evolving UI kit, which facilitated the fast evolution of concepts and prototypes.

My involvement covers all facets of the UX process from sketch concepts and lightweight prototypes to refined UI. As the majority of the project is under wraps, I can only show very limited design work.

In addition to the app, I have also worked on the product marketing, a full case study is available here.

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