UX design for a social and professional network funded and run by Creative Skillset.

I worked with the in-house marketing and external development teams to redesign an evolving product, creating a UX and structure that caters to the complex and diverse user requirements of the evolving social and professional network.

Building on the existing preliminary product, I began to review the existing user scenarios, fleshing out the flows and user goals in full and then integrating these into an evolving wireframes prototype for review. Working lightweight and efficiently to develop and prototype a structure that would suit the rapidly expanding network.

The project followed an agile methodology and I worked closely with the developers and in partnership with UI designer, Nat Hayward as the project was rolled out to test, iterate and refine the UX.

The groundwork and architecture I developed went on to facilitate the future growth of this well-received project. It has continued to evolve and grow as the project gained traction and the user base expanded.

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