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Visual identity and ongoing iterative user experience design.

I was engaged to work alongside the product team and Lucky Turn Media to generate UX and UI design deliverables. Utilising a lightweight and iterative design process to efficiently create appropriate solutions as the product evolved and new features were added.

I began the engagement by working with the team on two main areas concurrently; the revised visual identity and a comprehensive redesign of the marketing and learning platform.

To retain loyalty and recognisability, the revised visual identity needed to be an evolution of the existing brand, whilst at the same time facilitating the positioning of a suite of products to an increasingly diverse range of users.

The solution was to create a flexible visual tool kit, which allowed the tone to be tailored to the audience. From the more serious user (investing in the TEF examinations courses) through to more irreverent one-off social campaigns.

Big update underway on this platform, so more coming soon…

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