Rubik’s Cube

Iconic 3D combination puzzle

Partial redesign of the international marketing site and evolving the visual style guide for use online.

The design process began with creating a few key landing and sales pages. Once these were seen to deliver results, the project was expanded to include other areas of the site and a process of staged redesign and rollout began.

From a UX perspective, the layouts were required to sit within the existing fixed header and footer. Within this space, I looked to to maximise the impact of the content and enabled the inclusion of new content types, which allowed the site to evolve and grow.

As part of this ongoing design process, I developed a flexible UI style guide, which built on and fitted alongside the existing Rubik’s brand guidelines. The aim was to allow us to integrate a fresher, bigger and bolder feel to better suit contemporary devices and screen sizes, as well as the expectations of consumers.

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